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Does that ##LATE## sign in Revisions count in your Stats?


So…had a really fussy buyer who had to have everything spot on. First time in a Revision situation for me.

That’s alright with me as I’m a bit like that too… but he kept changing the goal posts hourly so the end product ended up nothing like his original brief.

I was ok with that…made the alterations willingly until he was satisfied. (He left a tip eventually so must have felt a bit guilty)

What I didn’t like seeing was that darn ##LATE## sign flashing at me every time I got a revision request back.
When I checked the support pages about this it says.’ The Seller is not timed on Delivering their revisions’

So why did I get this darned annoying red flashing ( well maybe it doesnt quite flash :D) ##LATE## status and does this affect our stats ?

Cheers for any info.


The late sign won’t affect your stats especially with the client wanting so many revisions.


I’ve heard a few things on this. The first thing I’ve heard, and I’m not sure I really understand, is that the system only considers the time of the first delivery for determining whether an order is late. The second thing I’ve heard, and what I know to be true when a late order is caused by a buyer who rejected delivery or asked for a modification, “Late” doesn’t matter so long as the buyer leaves a positive review of 3 stars or higher. If the order is shown as late and the buyer leaves a negative review, that’ll count against you.


Thanks for the feedback guys. I wasn’t late in delivering the gig in the first instance so sounds like all should be ok.

I did notice there was more time on the countdown thinggy when I got the first revision request back.
But after the 2nd revision request, the ##LATE## sign stayed on til I delivered the update and showed up on each subsequent revision request.

It kind of freaked me out so after the 4th ( of about 7 revisions!) I delivered him a random video ( just to stop the late sign flashing ) and asked him to be patient and I’d redeliver the revision when it was done.

Luckily he was happy for me to do that.
His parting comment? …Great work…will be in touch for my next 4 videos!

Time to put a realistic limit on revisions methinks.