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Does the country someone comes from also affect the sales of a new seller

I had an argument with a close friend of mine that stays in the US and he told me that the country someone comes from also, will either improve your sales as a new seller or get you ignored? how true is it? thanks

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No it doesn’t, some of the most successful sellers I know are from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc.

Being from the U.S. doesn’t guarantee anything.

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The country doesn’t necessarily matter, but if your gig states that you will design high converting banner ads, and you’re unable to create one for yourself and get sales that way, buyers might think that your banner ads don’t really convert.

“Micheal Jordan” doesn’t help, either.

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@catwriter thanks for reviewing my gigs but firstly am a professional graphic designer with years of experience and decided to join fiverr so as to grow my network so the banner ads that i ran was done for a customer(not on fiverr) and it got great reviews and secondly please whats wrong with jordan?? thanks as i await your response

thanks for the reply…

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Why can’t you design them and run them for yourself, and attract sales that way? If you say that your banner ads bring sales, surely you can do the same thing for yourself?

It’s Michael Jordan, not Micheal. Your customers won’t like it if you misspell their names or the name of their business.

@catwriter oh my bad! thanks for pointing that out…sincerely appreciate
and about the banners,am a graphic designer and not an internet marketer…but either ways…thanks for the response…