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Does the custom offer count as one gig


does the custom offer count as one gig


Check this out:


that doesn’t answer my question


any help please :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


A custom offer allows you to send a more specific offer related to a gig than the normal gig/gig packages allow as well as give a custom price/number of delivery days.

eg. if you had a “I’ll write a story” gig and 3 packages which were: “1. I’ll write 1000 words”, “2. I’ll write 2000 words”, “3. I’ll write 3000 words”
but the buyer wanted a 100,000 word novel/story, you could send a custom offer with the “story” gig saying “I will write a 100,000 word novel/story about [what the buyer wants it to be about]” and give a price and number of delivery days for it.


Yes, custom offer does count as just one gig.

It’s named custom offer because sometimes a buyer wants things that are no in your current 3 packages so you agree on certain amoun and things to do and then send him custom offer.

Obviously it count as one gig and upon the completion you get feedback on same gig.


thanks a lot


Yes, if client accept custom offer, and than give you a comment, that will count on your profile.


uk1000 thank you