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Does the Fiverr-PRO provides a real benefits? Is it worth bothering?


I want to get Fiverr-PRO. Sellers who have it, what advantages did you get?


I’d suggest you apply and see if you get accepted first.

It takes a while to have your application reviewed and they have a really strict vetting process.

So prior to thinking whether you want it or not, it’d be a good idea to just apply and see what happens.


you should apply for this and then its up to the fiverr


I heard it can take closer to a year to get a reply if you’re accepted or not, so shouldn’t get too excited about it :grimacing:


Set up an amazing profile, something so good it can’t be mistaken for anything but pro. Be fast to respond to messages, and complete gigs on time and with professionalism.
Being put into the PRO category gave me a MAJOR spike in gig/profile interest, which led to my first sale and many inquiries/potentials.


Took me 4 months to get denied :sunglasses:


Hello, why do you think you are in the PRO category? I looked at your profile and don’t see that you are.


I wondered that as well. 4 month member, with 1 review…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I looked at his profile 3 times and there is definitely not a PRO badge on it.

Metrocreative, was this something you were told by fiverr, that you are in the PRO category? I’m a little confused.


I don’t see any - level - badge at all. Had to check again myself… hmmmmm :confused:


Maybe he means another account of his? :thinking: There must be a reasonable explanation.


I had thought that as well… he must have another account, because the info seemed to flow out with relative ease… :joy: Maybe an oooops moment. Maybe not… but where did he go? I’m genuinely curious!


Maybe it was a Virtual PRO badge. Or maybe he was only fantasizing his PRO badge phenomenon.

I think he should respond to clear himself out.


I think you are confused.

You are not a Pro seller here on this platform.


I think they may have been at some point? Have a Google…:wink:


Whoa, in that case, I’m more interested in finding out why they no longer have the badge.

@metrocreative what happened?


@frank_d I was contacted by editors picks and invited to go pro just before the holidays. My account began to receive a lot of attention, and for a few days I was showing on the front page. Still waiting on the Pro badge.


So you never received the Pro badge?

Did you fill out the application?


@frank_d I was invited, I applied and I was told I should hear back this week.
If my expectations were put up falsely, then I will revoke my previous comments. I have no experience working with platforms like Fiverr, I am just going with the feedback I have received.
I would however, find it difficult to understand why I would be personally invited to apply to Pro, if I would not be accepted.


OK it sounds like you were invited, filled out the application and are still waiting to hear back from them.

So it means you are yet to be approved.

If they had approved you for Pro status, your profile would get a pro badge, like mine has and when a buyer was browsing through Pro gigs, yours would also pop up.

I am just trying to explain why you are not yet a “Pro” tiered seller.

I think your reel is awesome and your service really stands out. Plus I am a huge Chapelle fan, so kudos for working with a comedy God. :slight_smile:

Let us know when you hear back from Fiverr!