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Does the Forum Affect Your Attitude to Clients?


So I spend a lot of time on the forum and as a Mod, I tend to read or at least scan the majority of topics that are posted. This is great in many ways as I get to hear about issues and bugs and can react or check for them before they affect me. However, after a little incident today, I am wondering if some of the negativity that the forum has at times affects me and gives me a negative attitude to clients when something is wrong.

Today, I got an order of $175. It was including a $100 extra fast fee which is unusual as well as the fact that they had not contacted me first - again unusual for a larger order.
The actual order was for translation but the number of words in the document was 5 times what had been paid for. Immediately my mind went to “this guy is trying to screw me” and as I debated whether to just cancel it, I thought each of the following:

  • He has tried to get it extra fast but without paying the fee properly
  • He is trying to take advantage of the unwillingness of sellers to cancel orders now
  • He is hoping I will just do it because it is a big order
  • Various other complicated scenarios based on the experiences I have read about on here.

After taking some deep breaths through a cigarette I sent a nice message explaining that they had underpaid and with a custom extra for the additional amount of $275. The buyer paid the extra within 5 minutes and apologized, they misunderstood the package description.

Imagine if I had just cancelled it?


Nope - the majority of people are still good at heart - you just hear more about the dodgy ones on here.

Can’t see many sellers having the time and inclination to post about having the most amazing buyers - it’s human nature to moan about the bad stuff! :sunny:


The disturbing thing I’ve seen on the forum is that many sellers would have done just that – cancelled in a heartbeat, and lost out on some valuable profit in the process.

Far too many sellers jump at cancellation, instead of working things out with the buyer so that a cancellation isn’t necessary. And then those same sellers complain when their cancellation rate drops below the level requirement, and they are demoted.

Is Fiverr really full of so many sellers that refuse to think outside the box?


Lol I’m guilty of this thought process myself.

Had a buyer want fast delivery and didn’t pay. I was worried I had a problem buyer I sent him a message and he didn’t respond for some time. I was ready to cancel and he responds, apologizes, and pays the fee.

I felt so guilty about even being so cynical i worked and delivered fast as I could just because great buyers deserve great service, rather than to lose out due to the actions of other buyers.


In my experience most folks will be happy to pay the extra if they ordered in error. It s up to us to give them the benefit of the doubt and explain the situation. That way it may work out, and if they turn into a monster, you can always demonstrate to CS (by reviewing) the message thread who was the adult and who was the jackhole.

The only time I just rush to cancel is if you are just plain rude to me, or one of those folks who send you 12 messages in an hour that look like this:

Any News?



You there?

etc, etc…


It has definitely made me more cautious about my clients. I’m not yet sure if it’s a bad thing, but I don’t jump on every order instantly anymore. I give 1-2 days before I even start working and in the meantime I send a few messages back and forth to feel out the customer.


Does the Forum Affect Your Attitude to Clients?

No way, José!

I keep my attitude in check. I’m a feisty one and don’t take crapola from anybody. However, I would never approach each contact - potential (buyer) as if they’re out to Fudge me over. Instead, I give them the benefit of the doubt. If I sense they are full of :poop:, I move on.

Yup! You would’ve screwed yourself out of $275. :grimacing:

saved by the :bell: :smiley:


And then those same sellers complain when their cancellation rate drops below the level requirement

Wouldn’t the cancellation rate increase after a cancellation and the order completion rate decrease?


It has zero affect on how I regard clients because I get such nice ones. I only average one or possibly two problems a year, which is pretty good.

In the situation you mentioned I would have simply done what you eventually did and let him know he needs to pay more.


Does the Forum Affect Your Attitude to Clients?

It’s an interesting question.
I imposed to myself to read the forum - and sometimes to write something - to practice detachment, understanding and communication.


Technically, yes. Cancellation rate increases… completion rate decreases.


It does, I’m often really grateful for almost all of my buyers so far. :wink:

But yes, I think it makes me more careful too, and probably led to me not getting/accepting a few jobs I might else have gotten/done, because the spidey senses are imbued with a lot of forum reading hours. :eyes: If for good, or for bad. Some of those may have turned out okay, who knows, others probably not. All in all, I think I´m better off with “forum knowledge background”.


I think that is wise, it helps iron out any potential issues before you commit too much.

Dont get me wrong, I would never be unprofessional with a client - the different attitude would be more about sending a less positive message and just saying something like “You have not paid the right amount so I am cancelling the order. yada yada yada” instead of my positive nice-guy attitude I had this time.


And human nature is that we are much more inclined to make noise when we are mad. 99.5% of my clients are great, and I never come here to praise them. One Bozo tries to screw me and here I am with a new thread.


That’s why I always say you must be part Sicilian. “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”



Must be pretty disconcerting for newbies reading the forum, though. Many must get the impression all buyers are evil and are looking for any excuse to come to your house and punch your baby in the face.


No, the forum doesn’t tend to impact the work I do or my attitude towards buyers - I take each on a case by case basis, without trying to form opinions ahead fo time. And, key to me I think, is that I am not afraid to say “No” to buyers.


I hear that is common with vegans :wink:


This happened to me actually just an hour ago but in my case the buyer used the fast delivery option for an x4 amount of words in the Basic plan instead of the premium one, so instead of 640$ he paid 485$, I did the same as you and sent an extra 155$ offer with a nice message, hopefully I get similar reaction as urs.

EDIT: He actually Accepted today


Given the new level system, sellers should be able to refund every aspect of the order without it penalizing the badge. (Obviously with mutual agreement)

A buyer purchases 3 sets of graphics at $100 each yet 2 days into the order decides they only need 2. Sellers can upsell their services but never refund oparts of the order - and now, that’ll affect the badge!