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Does The High Ratings of a Category Rotate After Some Time

I was rated number 2 in a particular category in the " High Rating " Section. Today when I logged in, all of the people who gigs were in the high rating section including mine got replaced by others and we all have been moved somewhere really really down. Some don’t even show up. How come this happened ? Its not just me, almost all the gigs that were above or below me have been replaced by new gigs. I still have more positive feed backs than all the new gigs that have populated the " High Rating " Section but still I don’t show up. Is there any fiverr’s rotation policy that I don’t know of ?

Mine also disappeared as well!

Two of my gigs couldn’t searchable (appeared in 1st page)

No wonder why today the sales so low :frowning:

I suppose reporting it to fiverr CS is the only thing we can do right now.

Right, the auto section should be the one that rolling, while high ratings supposed to be the ones made that achievements.

Mine are also disappeared. Before that happened, I remembered getting error notification (ngix) then voila…! All messed up…

I believe there’s some bugs or perhaps fiverr is upgrading/maintaning their system. Hope it will fixed soon.

Even I noticed the same issue. When I tried searching with my keyword on High rating, I was surprised to see ONLY my gigs was wiped out from the search! So it must be some bugs according to me.


Well, I did a lot contacted CS in the past, but sometimes it feel like useless as they never give anything supportive for the bugs/complains.

With all respects, they do great jobs for helping cancel orders, but not for something like this.

Anyway, I’m going to report this.

Let’s see if it’s gonna be something useful.

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I am still awaiting reply from customer support. If more people complain they might look into it more seriously.

This is the response i got just now

Hi there,

Sorry but we cannot guarantee where your Gigs show up in searches nor in their categories.



So what does it meant??!! So our hard works meant nothing to them? They can just easily replace all the top ratings gig? :(( :((


And i just got this reply as well

Exactly. That’s how you know that it was simply a rotation so that other sellers can get exposure too. There is not a problem.



So this is not a bug but purposely???

Let’s get someone besides Max to look into this. he obviously doesn’t care.

Reply to @alliemadison12: How? I even told him the previous high rating gigs disappear from other categories as well (to prove not just my category only) and he said it’s normal and a simply rotation for other sellers!!!

Reply to @yuen1985: Tell him to send it to another agent who will take your request seriously.

Reply to @bachas85: Have you requested another agent?

Reply to @bachas85: Julia is really great. All of them would be helpful with this situation, but Max is ridiculous. Especially because all of us are reporting the same issue. If I was his boss, he’d get the boot.

Hey peeps, I can rank top for business cards and always on the first line. I was worry when I wasn’t getting any orders in and then I found out why.

I sent my request off.


UPDATE: Max told me nothing is wrong, so I requested a new rep. Ryan told me I was being rude to customer support, and he said everyone deserves exposure. :-((

''We do appreciate your concerns and we have carefully reviewed that situation. It has been the same for as long as I can remember. Gigs on a category are rotated from time to time to provide many different sellers with exposure and there is no issue on that category at this time. ''

So that’s meant is permanent?

By the way, do you all managed to find your top rating gigs? I couldn’t find my top rating gigs at all within the category. Likes it’s disappeared completely :((

Wow. So all the hard work was for nothing ?

Reply to @bachas85: I did. under “otherbugs” hopefully I won’t run in to max xD. I will keep you guys posted on the answers I get.