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Does the Image On Thumbnail and ID Have to be of same person?

I am very new here and have a question. If I want to put the image of a person (my brother’s) on the thumbnail but i am creating the account with my email and details - will I need to provide my brother’s details later on for verification ?
What are the rules regarding the person’s image to be used on the thumbnail? Will it always has to be the sellers’ image?


Why would you create an account for yourself, using your e-mail, and then use your brother’s picture? That makes no sense.

Because everyone is not comfortable using their own photos

You can’t use someone else’s photo. Nothing is forcing you to use a photo at all, use a logo.


You can use your logo, If you don’t have any logo then you can create one by Canva.

But don’t use your brother image in your profile


Thank you. I will use my image only.
Can you please tell me which documents are needed for verification later on as I see you are an experienced person?

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You have to provide your 1 Clear photo / selfie. And 1 clear photo of National ID card / Passport / Driving License

Thats all :grinning:


Clients prefer pictures of you.
Remember the key to selling is TRUST!

By example I don’t even bother communicating with clients if they fail to have at least a picture.

Logos are also another alternative.

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It can be a logo, or a drawing of you. If you have all the necessary rights to use that logo or that drawing.

Your profile can’t be misleading. You’re not allowed to present someone else’s work as your own (images, gig description), misrepresent where you’re coming from or your experience, you can’t be dishonest in your profile description, and you can’t use a photo of someone else.


Thanks everyone for all the answers and tips. I am glad I asked this question and will do as per the experienced members have commented :slight_smile: