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Does the little flag affect your sales?

Hi, I’m new to Fiverr. Therefore, I have many questions about this big realm. One of which is whether or not the little flag on your seller profile counts.

I am an American living in India right now. Since I had signed up utilizing an Indian IP address, it’s obvious that my flag would turn out to be Indian. Now, I don’t want to be racist and all (I love this country but I don’t want to go off track here) but does my flag affect my sales? Will buyers think I am unreliable because I don’t have a US flag or another flag there? I’m not saying sellers from India are bad, I’m just saying that because there is a little larger abuse of the Internet in India than other countries, would people automatically assume I am unreliable?

I mean no offense to anyone and I do not mean to be racist towards anyone. I just have this burning question and I hope it can be answered.


If your BIO says you are an American living abroad and the grammar and spelling are good you may well be okay. Your concerns are justified - I think long and hard about buying from some countries as I’ve had a lot of bad experiences from some!

I think, in your case, you should feature the flag that best represents who you are – the country you call home. Do you relate more to India where you live now, or are you more proud to be an American living in India?

Whichever you choose, I do recommend adding a little note in your bio description that gives note to this. Perhaps a short comment that lets buyers know that you are an American living in India. Then the buyers have a little bit more information about you to better decide whether they want to do business with you, personally. :slight_smile:

I believe it doesn’t matter what the flag is, what really matters to any buyer is what you provide and how concise you are at doing it. I have order from many non USA people and they give good results.

I am American so I completely relate to the USA. I have written this fact in my bio as well which you can see if you check out my profile. I am not related to India, just like the country and culture and stuff.

Thanks for letting me know that some of you folks need to think twice before buying from certain countries, it’s now going to make me think how exactly I should tackle this issue.

Outside of my bio, I can’t make this clear. However, am I able to contact Fiverr to change my country to the USA? For all websites, I always put the USA but here I haven’t exactly had the choice to choose.

Thanks for the inputs guys, please keep 'em up!

Reply to @kjblynx:

That makes sense! Wow, a lot of buyers look at the flags for tons of different reasons