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Does the money stays forever?

I’m kind of new to this and I managed to make a couple of sales. I haven’t set up a Pay Pal account or Bank transfer yet so my question is can I just leave my gains in Fiverrs hands without worrying that they money will vanish at some point ?


Hi there, I have been told by the support people that the money can stay in Firerr account as long as you want.

I wouldn’t trust leaving my money on Fiverr for an extremely long period. How about if you get banned or are the victim of some malicious malware? That can’t be good.


You can but problem is there If you are pointed by someone. maybe you can hack it’s not good habit for long period. You can search there on google you will get alots of people who had hacked.

If you feel comfortable in keeping your money in Fiverr account, by all means, do so. I don’t use Fiverr as a saving account. I usually wait until I’m at minimum $50 before withdrawing funds. I remember going on vacay and I incurred over $200+ but I immediately took care of it. :grimacing:

I just don’t feel comfortable leaving a bunch of loot in my account.

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