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Does the "online" status filter work in finding your gig when you are "online"?

If you search for one of your active gigs (any of your gigs that can be found in the Fiverr search engine) when you are “online” on Fiverr (you’re logged in to Fiverr, the green icon is showing next to your profile image in the top right corner of the screen and you’ve refreshed a Fiverr page within the last few minutes), and it finds your gig, does it also find your gig if you then click on the “online” filter (refine the search to only show gigs from people who are “online”)?

  • Yes it shows my gig when use the “online” filter
  • No it doesn’t show my gig when I use the “online” filter but does show my gig without the “online” filter
  • It doesn’t show my gig with or without the “online” fitler
  • I have no active gigs

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Did you use Google Chrome for the above search test?

  • Yes - I used Google Chorme
  • No - I used another browser/browsers
  • N/A

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yeah same i have been noticing this for long time now even if i online it show i’m offline don’t know why any one please help.