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Does the private feedback of buyer impact on seller's gig rank?

Buyer always receives a private feedback request usually one day later.
If buyer leaves five star rating but they privately give poor feedback, does it impact a bad effect for sellers gig ranking or sells?
I know that everything of fiverr is meaningful and important. I don’t know the result of positive or negative private feedback of buyer.
I have given below that picture. If anybody teach me detail, it will be really appreciate.
Thank you


This is a good question, but I don’t know if anyone here on the forums has a definitive answer. Sellers don’t have access to this information anyway, thus it is an ‘uncontrollable’. Technically, all reviews are ‘uncontrollable’.

It’s better to focus on the things you can control.


There was someone here a few months ago complaining that his gig had lost rank, CS told him it was a result of the private rating. So I’m assuming it does impact

So it means a buyer can be a good person in front of you and give you five star and on the backend he can also destroy you rank in the gig section.

its very difficult get a good feedback from buyer.

This is a valuable information. I am also thinking that such a result will be impact by the private feedback.