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Does the seller need to pay fiverr according to "[another marketplace]"?


Hello Dear all,
I am new seller at fiverr. I have a question.
When a worker applies for a job in the "******[another marketplace] and “******” [another marketplace], they pay the money there. Now, Does the seller need to pay fiverr according to “******” [another marketplace]?

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Fiverr takes the 20% from your sale once the order is approved by the buyer. That’s all you owe to Fiverr.


Mr. Pacquo! Then every time the order will be sold, no more money will be cut?


Every time you complete an order 20% will be deducted from that order price.


Why don’t you just read fiverr help page? They explain it there in a very easy words on how their system works.

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Fiverr’s Terms of Service explain how Fiverr works. I suggest you read them; Fiverr is different from other freelancing platforms.


Thank you for your time and patience. Mr, catwriter, Mr. sparx_intros
and Mis. mariashtelle1. bye for now.

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You don’t have to pay for applying for a job in Fiverr but your ability to apply is limited here. I am not familiar with those marketplaces but I think you can apply for unlimited jobs in there if you pay.