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Does the sellers take time to read the gigs from buyers?

Im asking this, since for now Ive only been on fiverr to buy gigs, not sell. What I really dont get, is the amount of offers for gigs totally different from the seervices Im asking for one seems to get on Fiverr?.

At the moment, Im looking for sellers who can provide me with accounts/friends/followers on specific social media and only accounts/friends/followers from Denmark. Even though I write this very clear in my gigs, I receive MANY offers for for instance US based facebook friends. But thats not Denmark now, is it?

Just makes me wonder, if the sellers even bother to understand the gigs before making offers?

In my experience as a buyer making a buyer request mostly results in spam, due to this as a seller i don’t answer any requests as my offer would most likely just be lost among the spam.
In my opinion you’re better off looking for a seller that does something similar and just message them.

Well, I wouldnt call it spam since the offers I get are actually mostly somewhat related to my buyers gig. For instance, I ask for facebook friends from Denmark ONLY. I get like maybe 20 offers. 2-3 pure spam offering totally different gigs for sale. The rest all for facebook friends, but mainly offering US based and/or worldwide. However I also get maybe 3 or 4 sellers, who says they can supply danish facebook friends. However, my point is: WHY does 20 sellers make offers for my gigs, if only 3 or maybe 4 of those are actually able to provide what I want to buy?. Does these sellers ever actually gain sales that way?.

They are just sending a pre written offer to any request remotely related to their gigs without even reading the whole thing (this is why i call it spam).
Perhaps they get lucky from time to time and make a sale here and there, while wasting everyone else’s time and driving other buyers and sellers away from the feature.

I’ve never made a buyer request myself but as a seller I always read through the requests and only send offers to the ones I know I can do and have a gig for.