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Does the tips system equal less money for sellers?


The recent Fiverr upgrade that integrated the tip system is awesome overall, but since its reveal I’ve noticed more buyers messaging me before they order…

For example, I charge $5 per 5,000 words for editing services. Anyone can do the math, that’s $1 per 1,000 basically (at least on the buyer’s end). Previously, someone with a 7,000-word document would just order 2 gigs ($10). I would make a few “extra” bucks and they got a good deal for their money, but since the tip system, a lot of people have been messaging with things like:

“I have a 7,000-word document. Can I buy a gig and then tip $2?”

I want to work with people’s budgets, but I already charge pretty good prices on my services. Has anyone else found people trying to use the tip system so they can save a few bucks? Do you think it’s cheating since Fiverr is supposed to be $5 orders and multiples of $5?

I feel the commission system is super easy to understand when it’s a multiple of five, as then you know for every gig, you make $4. Should the tip system get around ordering extras? I know custom orders are already available, but honestly, I always keep my offers as a multiple of five because that’s just how I think Fiverr should be :stuck_out_tongue:


Ignore any buyer who sends a request like that and politely decline their offer. Just say, I am sorry the system does not work in that way. If you would like to use my services for your 7,000 word article, I am happy to assist you, please just buy a 2 gig quantity.

They are trying to get around the system and this is probably not the kind of buyer you want to have. The tip system should not be used to get around paying for gigs. Plus you set yourself up for someone not paying.


Either they’re trying to get around the system, or they’re trying to get you to do work for free because tips are paid after the order is delivered and chances are excellent that they won’t pay the tip. If you think they’re sincere in their request, you can always create a custom order for them. If they’re for real, then they’ll order, but I think they’re probably just scamming.


Fiverr is technically a budget site, but there are still lots of customers here who are happy to pay a fair price for a job well done.

When you’re getting plenty of orders, eventually the time comes when you have to focus more on customers who pay better. That’s just basic supply and demand.

I think you’re at that stage now. I’d take Sincere18’s advice, if I were you personally.


I have never had a buyer ask me this. I don’t offer discounts at all, and I never apologize for my rates. I charge $5 for every 1000 words, and when I went from offering 2000 words for $5 to 1000 words for $5 (something I was very nervous about doing but eventually felt I had to in order to value my time and skills more), I found I made even more money and had higher quality buyers and orders right away. It’s kinda weird how that works, but it looks like you’re definitely getting buyers who don’t want to pay a fair price. $5 for editing 1000 words is still about half the rate that starting editors charge in other venues, so I feel it’s extremely fair and still a great bargain. My clients think so too!

I encourage you to say what @sincere18 gave you as an example: “I am sorry the system does not work in that way. If you would like to use my services for your 7,000 word article, I am happy to assist you, please just buy a 2 gig quantity.” And never apologize for your prices or your services!