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Does the value of a cancelled order affect your position in the listings?


I just had an order worth $160 that I had to cancel for reasons outside of my control, and it says there that canceled orders can impact my position in the listings. Does it depend on the order’s value? Will canceling an order worth $160 drop me further down the list than canceling an order worth $5?


No - it’s not the value, just the number of cancellations. :sunny:

(I wondered that a while ago as well, so I asked to find out!)


Whew, that was relief, I was kind of worried that Fiverr would punish more severely for cancellations that cost them more.


Shhh - don’t give them any more ideas! :wink::sunny:


I’m not too sure about that.


I was worried it was the order value as well, but had it confirmed it was the number of orders not the value - it’s all good! :slightly_smiling_face: