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Does "there's no perfect state" = "I don't give 5 stars"?!

Hi Fiverrs!

I just received my first non-5 star rating from a client. When I asked them what I could have done better, they had this to say:

"I like your spirit and your attitude of ensuring a totally satisfied clients. My rating was a sincere one and since you have asked what you could have done better to earn a 5.0 rating from me, I will be very sincere with you.

First and foremost, I believe there is no perfect state in life, me not giving you a 5.0 rating may not be a function of what you could have done better, but I believe you should have put in your best in your own capacity. However, these are the two areas:

1- I have been used to people delivering my job in 48hrs or less, so I expected a much earlier delivery (I was almost doing a mail to you to get an update) But I felt you had queued up orders.

2- I dont wish to talk about this because its not fully under your control…You did not fully get the pronunciation of the non-english words …but you still tried honestly.

I hope I relatively satisfied your curiosity. Be very sure am doing business with you again."

I was a bit beside myself after reading their reply. It is made clear that my gigs generally take 3 days for delivery so the first point seems a bit unsubstantiated. He never stated that he had any issues with receiving the delivery within the posted time frame. I’m not going to speak on the second point…it’s so subjective… but yes perhaps I did not enunciate the non-English words as perfectly as I could have. Lastly, they were essentially saying that they would never give someone a 5 star rating, right? (“there’s no perfect state”) While they did communicate a desire to do business with me in the future, I really don’t feel comfortable with that idea. I’m not terribly concerned about them deflating my performance stats…but then again, if enough people had that same mentality, that could be a concern.

Has anyone else been faced with such a client? How does one manage such situations? I’d love to hear about your experiences and advice.




I’d say there are plenty of people like this in the world, but in my experience, most people are either going to give you five stars or they’re just not going to leave a rating. I don’t think it would be wrong to send a message back to that buyer, “thanking” him for his answer, but stating that you prefer only to work with people that you can satisfy completely, as less than five star reviews hurt your ability to find new buyers. I also don’t think it would be wrong to “remind” him that you delivered before the time limit clearly posted on your gig and that he didn’t indicate he needed something in a shorter time frame.

Obviously, you could just let it alone, which might be the best option, and if he tries to order again, just say that you are too busy to take on his order and offer a mutual cancellation. My instinct is usually to stand up for myself and try to “set a buyer straight,” but I often hold myself back to avoid encouraging that seller to leave me an even worse rating.

All that said, I checked over your profile and I can’t see and reviews that are less than five stars, so I really wouldn’t worry too much about it.


I am sorry! Yes, it happens. I had a buyer just like that, He said: “Don’t get me wrong, everything was great, I am just tired of leaving a 5 star for everyone”.

I’ve met such arrogant people before… I just don’t know why they like to complicate things, try to show off always… but they do. If I notice even a little something of the kind I cancel order right away myself… and I try to communicate more before the work is delivered to understand who I’m dealing with.

@opt1m1sta I think you’re asking the wrong questions.

There are definitely ‘difficult’ buyers out there but this should be taken in as a learning experience. Instead of asking how to manage the situation or if anyone else has experienced this, maybe you should ask, “What can I include in my gig communication/requirements that will help me eliminate this issue from occurring again?”

I believe (based on the message provided)that the buyer WAS capable of a 5 star review.

A way of addressing this in the future is to ask your buyer to set expectations. This also gives you the opportunity to up sell if you feel that your time is worth more than they are requesting. If you want flawless, each gig should be delivered EXCEEDING the expectations.

When you ask the buyer to set the expectations, they will normally stay within the gig limits you’ve given. If they venture outside, charge more.

On delivery, it’s now the BUYER who’s responsible not for the quality, but for what they’ve received. You see, when they set the expectations and you exceed them, can they EVER give less than a 5 star rating?

Sometimes the buyer will realize, “Oh, I forgot to mention this.” Great! Evaluate how much time the addition will take you, and if it’s necessary, use the NEW option to add on to your gig.

Mo’Money + Happy Peeps :slight_smile:

Dont worry, this is common, i have a buyer that often buys my gigs, and always give me 4 stars and in the review he always put something like “great service, fast delivery and excellent quiality”…

Lol, and i have asked why 4 stars always and he does not respond, he just keep ordering…

the best thing in this cases is dont worry about this and keep doing great work


Part of the issue is that you asked for the information. You didn’t say, I see you gave less than a 5 star review, is there anything I can modify for you to ensure you are 100% satisfied?

But not, you kind of asked for feedback more out of curiosity and left the doors open for it.

As for the time frame, in many gigs, it says a number of days that is true, however, that’s the maximum number of days you have to do it in before you get marked late. Many sellers have a maximum number of days but just work through their orders and send it as soon as they are done. If a seller doesn’t have a lot of orders in their queue I would kind of expect it a little sooner myself.

As for pronunciation, I assume it’s a voice over type of job? Well, that is subjective but there are probably just some things that maybe you can or cannot do in other languages maybe.

THe other main thing you need to realize is that a 4 or 4.5 star rating is NOT a bad or negative review. Sure I know Fiverr sellers try to be perfect, but buyers do not think about ratings the same way sellers do. Think about movie ratings, I don’t think hardly any movies ever get a full 5 star rating, even the oscar winning ones start out with 4 or 4.5 stars. So you can’t take something less than 5 too personally.

As for working together in the future, that’s up to you, you can always do a mutual cancellation. HOwever keep in mind that it’s similar to things we do in real life. For example do you ever eat at the same restaurant where the food is pretty good? Of course you do, we all do. If we only ever ate at a restuarant that has over the top 5 star food, we’d almost never go out to eat. ha-ha-ha…but d you see my point. Sometimes a really good restaurant is a good restaurant that you go to because you know it has quality food and almost anything you order there is pretty good and you feel your money is well spent.

This happenend to me once, but mt buyer didn’t find any excuses like your’s did (delivery time …) ,when i asked him why he just told me that nothing is perfect, and when i explained him the importance of a rating to a seller, he promised me that he will buy another gig and give me a 5 stars review

What a GREAT voice! That buyer was nuts to not give you 5 stars.

While it isn’t the case for this particular instance, I’d like to note that the stars are a little wonky on the fiverr app. You have to tap just outside the last star to give a full five stars. Sometimes, it really isn’t anything you did or didn’t do, it’s just that the app was messing up.

My interpretation of 4 - 4.5 star ratings is that the buyer is really happy with the work. Only once have i asked a buyer about a rating and that was only because it was a 1 star rating complemented by one of the best reviews i ever had so figured it was an accidental 1 star.

Sure the 4 - 4.5 star ratings have brought me down to 99% but i have not noticed any negative effects when it comes to making sales or gig visibility.

I think worrying about 4 star ratings can hurt your business more than the actual rating.

Some people just don’t find perfection in anything that others do for them.

Girl, alright listen…

Beat them to the punch next time, in my gigs I state clearly, act ONEROUS with me and I’ll refuse service because I’m here to make sure I make you happy and earn those 5 stars because I strive to be the BEST! Or make up something like that in your description…

The key to it is that you before you even get to the point where you start to “feel” them out, you clearly state, “Hey look, I know there are people out there with a stick up their a$$ and you are not the kind of person I want to do business with” but in a nice professional way. I specifically had to go look for a word that described someone like that.

Onerous was a pretty good choice, if anyone comes up with additional words or better words please post here! I would like to use them in my descriptions!

By the way ever since I did this, I haven’t had a problem with stupid buyers…

It works.

Don’t worry so much. It’s just one rating.

I just hate when that happens, when you ask politely and it’s nothing that you have done that will cause your rating but more specifically from the buyer’s side, hope you dont encounter that much with those buyers, all the best.

Reply to @julipalmer7:

Didn’t he say he was going to come back to you for more gigs? Are you going to work with him again? I had this happen to me before and they ended up booking with me again, so I politely declined :wink:

Your welcome @opt1m1sta. Really @joeyperezwest, I didn’t even realize and I am not sure how to identify such a person lol.

I already got less than 5 stars 3 times. In all cases, the buyer told me he made a mistake and/or was a newbie and didn’t know how to use the site and then fixed it. :slight_smile:

Reply to @emasonwrites: Hi Emma - You’re right. There are definitely plenty out there!
While it is also my inclination to defend myself, I’ll likely sleep on it and end up feeling like it’s not worth my time to say anything.
Thanks so much for sharing your POV!