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Does these things make it better or worse?


I’ve noticed from my time on fiverr, when a gig of mine is active and getting orders the minute I send an offer in the “buyer request” section it starts dropping and loosing clients till it’s completely dead, is that just me or it’s common ?

also which is better ? creating many gigs or having just one or two ?

'cause when I take a tour on fiverr I see top rated sellers having only 1 or 2 gigs while average sellers having alot?

we could use some comments and tips to do better :slight_smile:

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Hi @onlinedzshop - welcome to Fiverr! Let’s answer these one at a time:

1 - Gig orders and concern of negative correlation to use of “Buyer Request” section:

I wouldn’t pay any attention to the recent events you noticed. They seem like a coincidence and nothing more. In fact, I’d recommend making heavy use of the Buyer Request section. Try to use all of your requests (provided that your skills match their need) every single day. This will help boost traffic to your gigs, and even if it doesn’t generate a sale on the spot, will often lead to sales down the road.

2 - Creating many gigs vs. having just one or two:

There are a few schools of thought that factor into this. Here’s my opinion: start off with just a couple gigs - maybe one or two, and constantly tweak and adjust these over and over. See what other successful people are doing, and try to use what you’ve learned to improve your own. I believe that if you have too many gigs in the beginning, it makes it tougher to do continuous “quality control” for yourself, because it’s a lot to keep track of.

Once you’ve got some orders under your belt and feel that your gigs are relatively optimized, then this is when I think it’s best to start adding new Gigs to your offerings. But even then, I’d stick with the above strategy and do it slowly, one Gig at a time, so that you can continue tweaking or adjusting them to perfection.

As far as the number of Gigs offered by Top Rated Sellers, I wouldn’t use their example to guide yourself for now. Many of the TRS have had other gigs in the past that are currently disabled. In fact, this is even a strategy for some people in the beginning: offering gigs that may be more popular, but more time-consuming and difficult for YOU to complete. It’s a great strategy to have gigs like that in the beginning so that you can generate sales and reviews. Once you’ve established yourself, then you’ll be able to offer gigs that you’re more interested in offering, and will have guaranteed yourself to get noticed better.

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have more questions.


Thank you for the great tips I’ll defenitely use them :slight_smile:

really glad with the fiverr community and it’s benefits to people all over the world

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Reply to @onlinedzshop: my pleasure! Always nice to see someone thinking so carefully about strategy here!


99.99% of my orders have come from Fiverr search. On buyer request, I submitted 199 bids and have gotten maybe 20 orders. Sure, some orders are more than $5, but my point is clear, don’t wait for buyer requests to save you. Instead, have nice attractive gigs, if you can’t do an intro video for your gig, pay someone to do a video for you, search “trailer intros” or “whiteboard animations.” However, the good news is you don’t have to do it right away. You’ll get orders either way, I just think that videos increases the potential of getting orders.


I don’t believe I have ever received an order from buyer’s request? I tried it some in the beginning.