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Does this effect my profile, if I delete a gig?

Hi respected all,

Hope you are all doing well.
Actually I am little bit confused that, I have a gig and it has been created almost two years before. One review there, and not properly ranked as well. So if I delete that gig and recreate with proper keywords and description, does this affect my profile. If this really affects my Fiver profile I don’t want to take any kind of risk.
Please give your precious suggestions…

Thanks a bunch


If you are going to create gig in the same category, then there is no point of deleting the gig. You can just change everything you have on the gig. As a result you are not losing the review. One review plays very vital role when we are a new seller.

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I have had a gig before that I deleted (because I stopped offering that particular service) and I did not feel any adverse impact. At the same time, I would recommend making improvements and changes to your existing gig vice just deleting it. I will say that if you do delete a gig, any reviews or comments from that gig remain on your profile nonetheless. I hope this helps! :blush:

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I am not an expert at fiverr but I think that you can do the changes you want by editing your gig.
So I think there is no need to delete it. Especially because you already have one review in it.

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Dear sir, Thank you for your kind suggestion.

Thank you so much for your kind suggestion dear Sir.

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You can change the gig category as well by editing it.

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I have changed it many time, but its not coming in searching with the exact title as well.

Yes, that’s why he shouldn’t delete the gig. Rather, he can change everything he wants to keep the review in place

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Thank you dear. I will try it again :slightly_smiling_face:

GIG category can not change.

Yes, I know that the main category can not change but the sub-category can be changed.

For example:

If I have a gig that is for T-Shirt design,
The main category for that is “Graphics and Design”.

And the sub-category is T-Shirts and merchandise.

And if I want to change it to logo design, I can do that because logo design comes under graphics and design which is the same as T-Shirt design.

Gig edit will be a better option because there is a review.

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