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Does this qualify as Spam? Did I overreact?


This conversation started out as harmless but then it turned:

She wanted $5 for 1000 words and I agreed to do it ONCE as a new customer discount (I’m just starting out and trying to get reviews!) I thought she understood I would do it as a one time offer but when I sent the custom order through she said “no this is ongoing”. Her English was broken so I tried to explain to her that I would only do this once because it is much lower than my standard rates. Then she messaged me from a second account and kept saying “im waiting for your offer on my second account” even after I explained to her we werent seeing eye to eye and even after I repeated I can’t deliver daily scripts of 1000 words for $5 -that I would only do it once as a first time customer discount. It was like talking to a wall.

The second account thing seemed spammy to me and the fact that she kept pushing something that I clearly explained I would not do…

I reported and blocked both. I am admittedly a little nervous being on this site for this first time…everything seems “spammy” to me because I come from the age of Craigslist! lol… but I would like opinions on this…

Thanks guys


Fiverr doesn’t allow you to have 2 accounts. If you reported her then most likely she will be blocked.
Don’t worry about it and move on.

PS. Don’t offer 1000 words for $5. It will only attract certain kind of buyers :wink:
I understand you wish to get more reviews, but this is not a discount. 20-40% is a discount.


The first thing you should do is to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, so you know what’s allowed and what isn’t. That way you’ll avoid breaking the rules, plus you’ll know when the buyer is violating them (for example, having more than one account is strictly forbidden, so you were right to block her and report her).

As for discounts, those who ask for discounts when they first order will typically expect you to give them discounts (and super-fast delivery, and unlimited revisions, and…) whenever they order from you, now and forever. They don’t seem to get “just this once” (some say that they do understand, but will ask for a discount the next time, anyway).

And finally, when a buyer is pushing you to do something that you don’t want to do, whether it’s because of a language barrier or any other reason, you have every right to refuse to work with them.


Hey thanks. And I actually don’t offer that my offer is 150 words for $5 but she PMed me and after negotiating back and forth for a little I caved. You’re right though, I shouldn’t do that.


So true! Thanks for the support


Anyone with two accounts is someone not to try to work with. Also don’t be that desperate that you will do that much above and beyond what you are offering usually. You will attract bad buyers who take advantage of you and give you a hard time.


I see your a fellow VO. I will tell you from experience that buyers requests are a breeding ground for preditors. I’ve had buyers respond with the same language days, or maybe a week later using a different account. With respect to the respectful video animators, the worst offenders are in this category for Vo’s. There aim is to get the voice over for a dime. You can’t blame them for this however some set up multiple accounts in order to separate the buying aspect. They almost always are sellers. They will always want free revisions. When I started they tried some of this on me, but I’m not afraid to report anyone for TOS violations. DONT be taken advantage of. There is a so called “right of passage” on Fiverr. But what sellers don’t tell you to often is that simple patients and fine tuning is the key on Fiverr. “If you build it they will come” ie well defined gigs and respectful buyers. Buyers requests is a swamp Fiverr needs to drain. If you don’t get reviews from this kind of job it’s self defeating. And this type of buyer won’t most likely.

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