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Does this seem fair to you?

Long story short, I completed a gig that I worked very hard on for a few hours and delivered way before the due date. The buyer was very receptive and appreciative even mentioned how great it was. She had a few questions basically how to read certain graphs (this was a SEO Report) so I gladly took the time to answer questions but it was late into the night so she went to bed. I told her I would answer more questions the following morning. As we started talking she told she really didn’t need the info anymore because her conference/meeting was over. So she sends me a cancellation request stating she didn’t receive what she ordered but she clearly did. You can even see in our conversations about the conference and how she doesn’t need the reports anymore. Fiverr stepped in immediately and gave her all the money back, she keeps all my work, I lose money, and my account gets dinged with a cancelled Gig. I feel sellers on Fiverr have the least amount of support and are fate is in the palm of their hands (support and buyers) where we have no representation or given the benefit of the doubt. So I guess it’s acceptable that if you want to buy a gig just order it, say you didn’t receive what you asked for and you get a free gig. Because that’s what happened (I’m obviously not condoning this behavior) Well I’ve gone on long enough, but not crying over spilled milk what’s done is done, I just want a level and fair playing field, too much to rant about? Thoughts?


Wow, that sucks. Fiverr didn’t even give you a chance to deny the cancellation?

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Just happened with me, it was not a $5 order. An amount for my 2 days expenses have been returned with my efforts.

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Nothing, it’s like they didn’t even want to hear my side just automatically took their side.

You were refunded by customer support?

No, I mean Fiverr refunded the buyer and gifted me low cancellation rate and a bad review.

They were still able to leave a review even though it was cancelled?

You can send a screenshot of her saying that to customer support. Tell them that was the real reason for the cancellation and see if they respond helpfully.


Edited as the situation has now been explained, and wasn’t as it first seemed. :christmas_tree:

@mfaheemakhtar Do you even realize that a buyer cannot post a review once an order gets canceled? If Fiverr “gifted” you a bad review after the order was canceled, something else might’ve happened. At first, I thought you might’ve delivered the order late and that Fiverr gave you an automated one-star review. However, I checked your profile and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Maybe the person who posted the review was not the one who’d canceled the order and that it was some other buyer? IDK :man_shrugging:

@georgetanner That just sounds horrible. I am sorry that you’re having to go through this. I would do what @misscrystal suggested. I hope it works out for you.

Good luck! :blush:


No, she left a review asking for refund, I denied. Today, the order was canceled by the Fiverr. The order was placed on 6th December, LOL.

@merciavideo, yes. She left a review, asking for the refund. And then probably contacted Fiverr to cancel the order.

@hanshuber16, I guess my words are not clear.

The order was placed on 6th Dec, she was very irresponsive (3-4 days to reply). The order was automatically marked as completed. Yesterday, she left the review asking for the refund, I denied. Obviously, I delivered what my Gig is about.

Now I lost the money, I have got a bad review, my cancelation rate dropped 2%.

I used the word “gift” as sarcasm, was feeling pissed off that there is no value for my time and efforts, the buyer is always right.

EDIT: I had written a post over this: Everything was perfect


Thank you for explaining - sorry this happened to you. :frowning:


Thanks @hanshuber16 take care!

Thanks I did. Does Fiverr go through private messages between users?

I mean, I am sure they have access to them.

However, it would make it much more easier for them if you were to attach screenshots along with your tickets. I have noticed differences in their approach between when I did not attach a screenshot and when I did attach a screenshot. Sometimes, I have noticed that they do not even take any action if I do not attach appropriate screenshots along with my tickets. :slightly_smiling_face: I do hope that you attached appropriate screenshots.

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It is very important to attach screenshots to show what you are talking about when you contact customer support.

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Yeah I was just curious ok the whole privacy issue but I can see how they would be allowed to look at them

Definitely, I was just wondering if they say they do or don’t look at private messages in the TOS. I’m sure they are allowed to.

I had someone cancel an order after delivery and leave a 1 star review. It absolutely sucks

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