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Does this seem fishy to you...?

After I delivered the video gig to my buyer i asked him to please rate and mark as complete.

he responded with this

I do not leave feedback and do not miss orders (quiet will close automatically after a few days) I hope you can understand, work seriously but I avoid leaving a trace on the site, that’s all.


I can not leave feedback I like to not be visible around.

here is his profile***********

Has this happened to anybody else? I’m afraid I’m going to get scammed!

He is saying he does not like to leave feedback as he wants to remain private. You are not being scammed. His English is a little bit broken but that’s all he meant, he does not leave feedback. If you were going to be scammed he would not have said this. Lots of buyers don’t leave feedback for this reason, to remain private.

Thank you Crystal. I just get so paranoid about getting scammed. I need to take a chill pill haha.

And i think now he would have no trace on fiverr either :), you received your order payment then that is gud.