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Does This Sound Like Something You'd Pay For?

I hope you don’t mind that I’m using you all as a sounding board.

I make and sell chainmaile jewelry. I’ve been working with maile (armor grade, costume grade, and then jewelry) for over 13 years and when I came to fiverr, I noticed the maile community isn’t well represented yet.

I checked out the “I will teach you” guides and am assuming they’re PDFs.

So here’s my idea:

I want to offer my services to teach what I know about how to do maile. I was thinking of offering 30 minute (to start with) real-time lessons (skype most likely) where I would personally instruct you in making a project. Multiple gigs mean longer lessons and the like. I figured this would help out those people who want to get into maile work but who have a hard time learning without some sort of interactivity.

I’m betting you’d have more luck actually selling the jewelry than providing lessons, but that’s just me. Gigs that sell a physical product seem to do very well here on Fiverr. It seems like a gig like private lessons would be very subjective, and might open you up to negative reviews. Also, I’m not sure how popular things like the lesson/guide gigs are - someone else might be better qualified on that question.

Reply to @binaryphoenix: I was thinking about selling more jewelry too but there’s only so much I can justify selling for 5.00. It’s not so much the materials that drive the cost up, but the time needed to make the items.

I agree about selling the jewellery too, but you should also add an extra to your lesson gig of sending a PDF too so they can refer back to it later.

Reply to @emilyrose93: That’s a great idea! I’ll definitely keep that as an option.