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Does TOS warning affect account (mean the whole gigs?


I have been selling on Fiverr on since last years and it has been going really well until day before yesterday.
i ordered seller gig with my seller account since i don’t have money else where, so he said my project will be done for 40 dollar then i accept that, but i have only 22 dollar on that same account “my seller account” so i told him then he accept to pay 20 dollar so after the delivery then i will pay him 20 dollar “remaining” he accept that, we begin… after there couple of days he deliver me with unfinished work , and non of my requirement, so latter it lead to cancel the order since he cant do the work. but instead of accept the cancellation he refused. then iI went to support and cancelled the order. He also told support that I didn’t gave him all the require for the project. But I do. So, Fiverr gave a TOS warning and since then my GIG rankings have dropped drastically. from first page, first line, first row. to 6page of fiver serch engine. I can’t fight with Fiverr or client for this. So I let it go. But, all my gigs are down and I don’t know what to do. I have been refining my GIGs since then, but all in vain. Does TOS warning affect this much?

Any help will be much appreciated.


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Why would you try to pay the seller 50% of the money and expect to receive 100% of the job done? Just curious. You’re a seller as well, you know that promises to “pay later” are not binding in any way and don’t mean anything.

To answer your question, I believe warnings affect the entire account, yes.


This is the best award for unprofessional behaviour.