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Does TOS warnong cause demotion?

Hello everyone I hope everybody is safe and sound! I just received TOS warning well it was my mistake that I uploaded the wrong image on new gig

I want to ask that will this warning affect my seller level or not ?

It will only affect the fact that if you are supposed to get to another level like lever 1to level 2 within a period of days it will take much longer adding another 30days before you could achieve the next level and if you are on an higher level I think it will demote you down like from level 2 to one


In addition to what has been posted if you go to your Analytics page and scroll down you will find your individual statistics and requirements.


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Currently, I’m on level 2 and on Analytics page it’s showing me ineligible for TRS So I think it will only affect my next promotion
but I don’t know about current level that it will affect it or not because I got this warning today, and it will remain for 30 days it means till next evaluation