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Does updating a gig affect it's SERP position?

I recently updated my gigs with new gig images and tags. But, after this new update my gigs are out of the search results.

Does anyone know updating a gig has a direct or indirect influence on it’s SERP position?

Recently updated gig :



Sahan, there is a problem with the search results.

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Editing gig can cause it to remove from search for review. If it’s not back in a day or so contact CS

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Yes for 24-48 hrs your gig will out of the search results.

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Just Remove The URL From Gig Description.

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thank you all for your responses, I’ll wait for couple of days and contact cs if nothing happens :grinning:

sorry didn’t get you… you mean the url for flickr my portfolio?:slightly_smiling_face:

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@ it’s also happened to me and took long time to be the same place again.

Thanks for the reply, hope it get back to previous position or higher quickly :blush:


It’s definitely affected and it’s definitely normal. Tweaking a gig will always make it drop out for awhile. When it returns it may perform better, worse or it just might not return if the Editors find something they aren’t totally happy with. They don’t tell us exactly what to do, so you either have to risk playing with edits or leave it alone. I think most people tweak if the gig isn’t performing well anyway, but if it’s performing very well it may be best not to pick that time to edit.

I don’t think there really is at the moment, at least as far as Fiverr staff is concerned. If a glitch happens they may have to fix it manually, but search seems to be doing pretty much what they intend right now.


actually flickr is on the approved list of URLs:



As previously mentioned, your gig will go through approval (automatic and/or manual) and during this time your gig will not be listed in search.

If it wouldn’t affect your ranking then what’s point of changing tags :wink:

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Everyone has the same experience, like we are discouraged from upgrading our gigs :frowning:

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thank you very much, appreciate you taking time to answer those questions… :grinning:

thanks for the reply, yeah you’re right; we change the tags, description & etc to get a better ranking to our gigs, but I wanted to be sure if it works or not… :grinning:

It is very helpful…thank you very much :grinning:

No I don’t think we’re discouraged… as @fonthaunt mentioned It is better to update your gig if it isn’t performing and better to leave it alone if it is performing well. :grinning:

I tweak mine all the time if they aren’t doing what I want. If they are all performing fair and I want to mess with one, I wait until I’m busy and tweak one which actually helps me slow things down. If they are all performing mediocre, I pick the worst one and tweak it first. The only thing I try not to do is tweak all gigs at once. That has resulted in chaos and a dead week or two when I’ve done it too haphazardly. I don’t feel discouraged to experiment, though.


Hi, i am a new seller. Please tell me how we can see our gig in search result ?

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