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Does updating your gig makes it disappear?


I’m in the process of updating some of my gigs right now. Usually I edit the gig on one window of the browser, and I review it in another incognito window. I usually make a lot of modifications, click on save, and renew the preview incognito page. At the end I check the gig ranking. Today a gig disappeared from search results, this is the 3rd time this happens this week. If limit the results to the features I match, like language, delivery time… Only 5-6 gigs are left and mine is not among them.

Is there something in fiverr’s algorithm that bans gigs automatically if multiple views are registered from the same IP? is it some kind of protection from bot views or what?


Hi there, unless you are a part of Fiverr’s seller success program, and you would know if you were, everytime you update your gig, whether it’s a word in the description or the main gig image, your gig is taken off the results page until Fiverr staff can review the changes you made.


I don’t think they’ll take your gig off if you change one word, maybe if you change the whole description or you change it multiple times in a short amount of time.


ANY change means the gig is taken off the search results. Feel free to try it!

-not really sure why you posted a question if you are so quick to respond with a wrong answer-


I changed the gig the first couple of times, optimized title and description, and the updated version still appears in the search results.
In my experience, the gigs that I edited lightly, continued to appear with all of the updates. However the ones that I updated heavily, clicking save multiple times in a short amount of time, those were the ones that got off the search results.


Yes, when I change something several times, editing it repeatedly, it is gone, but if I just do it once it stays there, if I do it just to the price or something small.

If I edit my profile and click save more than once all my sales tank immediately also.

So if you edit anything just click save once. Also, don’t edit again for a very long time.


How long does it take the gig usually to come back?


Anywhere from 24 hours to about 48 hours.


Yes sometimes.and this is why i contact with cs everytime when i edit my gig


My gig came back today. after 72 hours.


Did it come back in the same place or better?


Same placed.
I optimized the title, tags, and description. This made it rank higher before it disappeared. Then it went down and came back where it was after initial optimization.


You changed the title? So it no longer matches the URL?


Yes, it does make it disappear. Sometimes only for minutes, sometimes days and sometimes months or longer. It’s completely normal and not a bug according to support. :scream_cat: So never edit a gig, unless you want to take the risk.


Hm. I read to first create the URL, under seo considerations, and then change the title to the human friendly “I will…” title. I thought that was one of Fiverr’s own tips, though may be wrong and read it elsewhere.
It doesn’t really make sense that you can never change the title at all, what if you made a typo, for instance or simply don’t have an important key term in the URL that you only later think of including in your title.
Unless you change the title to offer something different from what the URL indicates, like the url of my gig talks about translation and I change the title to logo design, it shouldn’t matter.


The url is made from the first title you create. If you change the title later, the url doesn’t change.
I did not completely change the title, I just removed 1 word from it.


Yes I read that too.

As long as the gig is still in the same category offering the same thing it is not supposed to matter.