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Does Updating Your Gig Remove It From Fiverr Search?

Hey Everyone.

Around 10 hours ago I updated one of my gigs that was picking up, I changed the title, extras, description and the image to try and increase conversions.

However now when I search for my own Gig it does not appear anywhere… Before the changes it did.

I made sure the changes were not breaking Fiverrs terms and conditions too.

I was wondering if when you updated a gig it may take some time to appear back on Fiverr search?

Thank you

Matteo :slight_smile:

Hey Matteo, yes changing your gig means that it’s taken off search results for a while, I think it’s being reviewed manually.

Not sure though as Fiverr just decided to change how things work without letting us sellers know. :slight_smile:


Updating your gig helps you to rank up for a few days in searches, but updating it too often is risky (to get it out of searches).

ps: It happened to me several times among years…


Thanks for sharing your experience. I just want to update the gig image. Now, I am confident about making this change after reading your answer.