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Does using a lot of tags in your gigs reduce the value of each one?


In other words say you have 2 identical gigs.

Gig 1 has 3 different tags

Gig 2 has 10 different tags (including the 3 gig 1 is using)

Will the tags for gig 1 receive higher priority in search results?


I do believe that the most active gig will show up higher in the search results however why not ad all the tags you use for the similar gigs


That wasn’t my question. Say 2 people are selling design services (both have equally active gigs).

First person only uses the tag design. Second person uses tags design, graphics, animation, ajax, flash, etc.

If a buyer searches for the word design, will the first person’s gig come up first in search results? In other words is there any downside to using a lot of tags instead of a couple very targeted ones.


Also the most active gig coming up top doesn’t seem to be true. For example search the tag “New York”. The first result has never even had a sale…


i always try and use as many tags as i can on my gigs


I think that Fiverr is the only one that knows the exact algorithm that is used for the Fiverr search.

I don’t think any of us can answer this with absolute certainty.


Reply to @arnevb: may I ask how you came to this conclusion? Fiverr definitely does not publish such details about their search algorithms


Reply to @arnevb: sorry but that last comment simply can’t be correct. There’s no way the system can differentiate that way.


Yknow, this was actually discussed in the webinar a few days ago about the tags. They did mention something about less tags being more. I wish I remembered what they said… Im sure the webinar can be downloaded somewhere.