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Does using extendend delivery time through resolution center effects deliverance stats


Hi, please tell me that does usage of extend time request via resolution center effects deliverance stats. Do they consider it late deliverance?.


no it doen’t effect but if you use extend delivery time often then you will get a pop messages saying “please change the delivery time according to your comfort.” to ur gig. !! but not serious msg. but it’s advise of fiverr.


Thanks brother for information.


I’m going to say it does. I was using this feature a lot in the middle of this year and business really slowed. Also, if you request extension of delivery time on an order but the buyer doesn’t accept until the original delivery time has overrun, that will still count as a late delivery.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I am facing an odd an unusual situation. None of my order is late in 60 days and i only used twice extend order time which was welcomed by buyer within few mins while the order was expected few days after but my deliverance rate droped to 83% in a day.


Sorry to hear this Sharoon, send a message to fiverr CS to help you check on this issue and advice you on the best ways to handle such occurrence next time. Good Luck!


Yes i have contacted them but still got no response.