Does using VPN effect on my fiverr account?


If i use VPN for doing something on my pc. Does it effect on my fiverr account?
If i don’t open my browser at the time while using VPN. Will my account be safe?


VPN has lately been used a lot to abuse the Fiverr system, and I bet Fiverr won’t like it.

I would advise not using Fiverr when you need the VPN (e.g. close any Fiverr tabs in your browser), and when you need to use Fiverr don’t use the VPN.

If, however, there’s a critical & valid need to use VPN for some reason, I would suggest talking to Customer Support and asking their advice on the matter :wink:


Thank you for your reply!


I agree with woofy31, don’t do it. There is no need to anyway is there?


What do you mean? Yes i need for a game. CZ the game won’t start without VPN. I’m still trying to figure out if theres a way to do it without using VPN.
Thank you for replying BTW


A game on fiverr that you need VPN for?


Why not just switch VPN off when you’re not playing your game? :wink:


No, i don’t think you understand what i’m saying. My question is if i use vpn in my pc for doing something but not use fiverr that time… Will it be safe for my account?


Thank you! I knew it… I asked here just for making it sure…