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Does vacation mode pause gig orders as well?

Does vacation mode pause gig orders as well? I am going to go with, probably no right?

Other question if it doesn’t pause gig orders, will it at least when you go in vacation mode allow users to order stuff while you’re in vacation mode that will initiate when you get back?

Yeah, that’s what I am most likely thinking. It’s not a big issue, more curiosity than anything else. I planned on doing prep work for some new gigs and getting them up but I just keep getting new orders and having to keep postponing getting my new gigs up. I would like if I could still collect up orders while working on my new stuff, but the only workaround may be to simply extend the delivery date of gigs so as to give me more time to focus on my new stuff.

Would like to know this too. If someone still needs to accept gig and I’m waiting for money to process, will that still happen while on vacation mode?

Does anyone have any new information on this?

As I know, vacation mode will decrease the ranking of your gigs.