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Does vacation mode really effects the position of gig?

I have a question to discuss about vacation mode. Many of my friend went on vacation mode and when they came back they had loosed their gigs ranking and for a long time they didn’t get a single order.
Clicks, views and impressions are all zero after vacation mode.
Now I will be unavailable for 4-5 days and i can’t answer anyone’s message. In this case what will i do?
Your answers are highly appreciated. Looking for your experienced answers.

Thanks in advance

Instead of experimenting this!

I would suggest raise your prices and delivery time!

This will give you a stats if buyers are willing to pay better price for your services or not and your gig will be at same place!

You can extend your delivery time and make a note on your gig that you might not be able to answer messages as you will be off for a few days.

If you are king of fiverr then it doesn’t effect on your profile since fiverr always rank up the gigs which have more reviews

Can you be kind enough to tell us who is the King, Queen, Prince and Princess of Fiverr. May be there would be some Duke and duchess as well. I want to know all about the ROYAL FIVERR FAMILY. :crown:


kings are those which have thousands for reviews by my side. in your side what ever you ask them

@explainicks great answer but what about response time and response rate if buyers will message me?

You are not going for a month!
Going for few days!

Just add a Note at last of your gig the time is extended due to vacations

will be back and will try to revert your queries! I hope you gonna wait for me :blush:

@smartseoz not agree with your answer about ranking. You can see new sellers on first page or some sellers with 10-15 reviews.

@explainicks will it work and buyers will wait for me.

The main question is about ranking

@saddu_writer you can see in recommended section some buyers have tag of fiverr choice. I think they are prince and princess of fiverr.

if sellers have 10 -15 reviews and they go to vacation mode then they can disappear from their ranking because they are not strong on fiverr and those have thousands of reviews they are strong

This works!
I already tried this

And this note is for the reoccuring buyers!
New buyers can wait and maybe not

Thanks for reply. But i am confused