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Does Vacation Mode work?

I set my gigs to vacation mode so that I could take care of some medical problems, get caught up on my school work and so that I could redesign my gig. I activated Vacation mode last week, and it even says on my profile that my gigs are NOT active. However, since last week I’ve received several orders. I really don’t feel like I’m on vacation. lol
Does vacation mode even work? I really need this time off and I don’t want to have to tell my buyers to just request a refund, because I’m sure that would just cause even more problems. Did I do something wrong? Is there something extra I can do to temporarily halt my sales?

Here’s my page, just for reference; https://www.*****

See, vacation mode works perfectly but buyers may contact you directly during that time. They can not order your gigs because your gigs are taken off from the search. So you can really deny their offers if they contact you. You can create a quick response and send it to the one who contacts you. I hope it helps.

I don’t know, I’ve never tried vacation mode.
Just a head’s up that we aren’t supposed to put a link to our gigs or profile here.
People can click on your name to see your profile.

I’m forced to go on vacation mode because of the nature of my gigs…I think there are 10 orders in my queue, but all of them are 10-30 article orders. I’m actually working harder than ever.

Also, I have some regulars who order 5 to 10 articles every week, so I’ve been busier than ever although I’ve taken myself out of Fiverr search for 4-5 months. So, I’ve been on a plenty of vacation modes since I began on Fiverr, but never had a real vacation. Not even a day without doing any work since April, 2014.

If you sent out custom offers to clients right before your vacation these buyers are still able to accept and purchase the gig regardless of your vacation mode.

You could slow down the amount of orders you get possibly by increasing your rates. I know you like to keep yours low so whatever works for you. Your economy is much different there from ours.

Sorry about the link. I just put it there to see if anyone other than me could see the “Vacation Mode.” I haven’t sent out any custom orders and all of the new orders are coming through my gigs. I haven’t got any through my messages. Yesterday and today have been order free so maybe the vacation mode finally kicked in.