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Does water marks on gigs impact sales?

Hi guys.

Question to buyers. Does water marks on a gig you want to buy such as a video or logo design deter you from buying?

If so, why

Question to sellers. Do you add water marks to your gigs and do you feel like people are deterred from buying your gigs because of the water marks?. If so why

Thanks I recently have been pondering this a while. It takes me a few MONTHS to create my gigs and I like to water mark them but am worried it might hurt my sales!!

Thank you!!! -_^

I think it depends on how a watermark is used. Both buying and selling, I am accustomed to seeing watermarks prior to client approval. When I ask a client if they are happy with my final delivery, I will try to send them a version with a pale but clear watermark that is diagonal on the .pdf (since many of my gigs are for writing) and I let them know that upon approval the watermark will be removed.

If I am buying, it’s often for graphics, video, VO. I am never surprised to see/hear an overlay watermark that let’s me see and hear the final product well enough to judge it’s quality but also enough to make it unusable for me as a finished product. Once I give approval, I expect to have the watermark removed.

The exception to all of this is if you are clear in your gig description that a small watermark will show on a final $X.XX purchase. For example, if you sell a video and you make it clear in the gig description that on a $5 gig, a small watermark will show in the corner with on the final delivery, the buyer is prepared.

You could offer an extra for delivery with no watermark. As a buyer, I wouldn’t have an objection to this unless removal of the watermark was expensive. Just personally, if I didn’t want a watermark on the video I purchased, I wouldn’t pay someone more than $5-10 to have delivery without a watermark. There are plenty of sellers who will give me a video with no watermark on their base gig. Quality does count, though, so I can’t say I wouldn’t make an exception for a spectacular product.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Wow that was a really insightful reply. That was just what I was looking for. I like the suggestion to say upfront that a small watermark is added in the gig description so they expect it there. I will not charge however if clients want it removed! I really appreciate your reply :slight_smile: thanks!