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Does you can see my Gig?

Some of them have replied to my comment that my account @midhun_n doesn’t have any active Gigs. Is that correct? Can you Guys can see my Gig? I have only created one Gig 3 days ago. Is that my problem when I create the Gig?


Hello @midhun_n,
I search you on Fiverr and your gig is visible


These are my two replied that I get for a post

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Well I search for your account and saw the gig :man_shrugging:
Maybe this person search for you gigs inside the Fiverr forum


It’s just because your forum username is different to the Fiverr one. Your forum username has 1 underline and there’s a Fiverr account with that same name with no gigs. Your Fiverr user account (2 underlines in the middle) has an active gig.

Also it would be better not to offer watermark removal as the buyer probably won’t have the rights to the image


Tnk you so much :star_struck:


@uk1000 How can I change it??

You might not be able to change the forum username that misses one of the underlines in the middle of it. It might just be a limitation of the forum. Maybe the forum admins/mods would know.

The only other way might be to close the account and open a new one after getting Fiverr’s / (CS) permission and making that account without the 2 underlines (and maybe none at the end of the username as the forum might not get that too).