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Does your order count towards on time delivery once it’s turned in?


I started Fiverr recently and I’ve been a LOT busier than I thought I would be initially.

Work has been pouring in and yes, it feels great, however balancing it with my already hectic life I’ve ran into some late deliveries and im at 89%. I’m trying to get to 90% by Friday so I can get to Level 2.

I have plenty of orders waiting to be marked as complete and a few in revision that will be marked as complete by Wednesday.

Does your order start affecting on time delivery as SOON as you hand it in or does it analyze once it’s marked as complete?

Cheers and thanks


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Not quite sure what you’re asking, but maybe this will help:

Hi, I would need to do a calculation of your total orders mathematically to see if you will reach 90% by Friday. I assume they get counted when they reach completion. I could be wrong.

Yes bro you can do it… :heart_eyes:

I hope your awaiting automatic completed orders might help boost your late delivery time.

I’m currently in a situation where I got an order which I’m to delivered it within 24 hours and I completed the project and delivered it within 6 hours.

And later the buyer asked for a revision which I also delivered it in no time. But the buyer has accepted the order and hasn’t said anything about the order although they kept coming online.

What I’m afraid of is that will it affect my on-time-delivery percentage if the buyer later asked for another revision?
Because currently this is my 7th order and I have.

100% on-time-delivery
100% order completion
100% respond time
5.0 Star-rate

So, will my on-time-delivery get affected if they ask for a revision later?

I think it will not affect your on time delivery. what will affect your on time delivery is when you complete your delivery late

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Alright, thank you :slight_smile: