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Does your particular Gig shows up upon searching fiverr with common keywords?

When I created my Gigs, they were on the “NEW” section, now it’s been almost 20 days and they seem to be disappeared from everywhere but though I am getting a few sellers occasionally, page views decreased but they are fine.

The overall experience of fiverr was great! Now I am wondering; let’s find out how many people get their Gigs up when a buyer searches with common keyword related to it on fiverr?

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.


Fiverr does not guarantee Search Placement.

  • Make sure your gigs are in the best possible category.
  • Experiment and test different Tags.
  • Put a few of your Tags/Keywords in your Gig Description.

    Good luck!

I am wondering the exact same thing right now…