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Does your paypal need to be linked to a bank account to recieve funds off Fiverr?


For example, Ebay seems to work fine without me needing it linked.
But I’ve tried to use a service like Ko-Fi, and that was requiring that I had a Bank Account linked in order to receive funds. (luckily it was just a donation so just sent back the money and said thanks to the person.)

So I was wondering what will happen with Fiverr?
Just wanna know whether or not to waste my time attempting or if I should just go for a Payoneer card, or does a Payoneer card require a bank account?

Revised Question: Do you have a Paypal account without a linked bank account? Were you able to receive your funds off Fiverr?


You need a way to get your funds from Paypal to either a bank account or a credit or debit card. So it’s a matter for Paypal. I’m sure fiverr doesn’t care what you do with your funds once you have them sent to Paypal.

You should read Paypal’s rules about this subject.


I don’t really need to put my funds in a bank account, I’m just using PayPal for payments when I put money on there for now.
Ebay it works out, but it seems other services don’t work that way.

I want the funds on my PayPal to spend online via Paypal.
I do not want to put them on a bank account or a credit card or a check.

I guess more of the answer I’m looking for is, if I attempt to put my funds on PayPal and it turns out to not be possible without a bank account, will they be stuck on PayPal as pending funds to where I couldn’t then turn them into a payoneer card instead.


This is a question for Paypal. They have certain set ways you can withdraw your money. They have three ways:

  1. bank transfer-- they transfer the funds to your bank account
  2. credit or debit card-- they transfer the funds to your credit or debit card
  3. check-- they send you a check

No they will not send your funds to your Payoneer account.

Or just leave the funds in Paypal and spend the money online.



I was just wondering if anyone else had experience of withdrawing their funds onto Paypal when they didn’t have a bank account linked, that way I don’t have to ask Paypal.

^ This is what my original question is referring to, this is what I’m wanting to do.
I want to be able to use the funds on Paypal, and have them saved on Paypal not anything else, just Paypal.
But my question is Paypal going to request I need to link a bank account as a verification type thing? Because ebay doesn’t require it, but Ko-fi does, does Fiverr?
(Idk if I’m explaining this right, I know you don’t know, but I’m just trying to explain my question as clearly as I can for anyone else who might.)

That’s not what I meant, but I can see why you took it that way.
I meant if I cancel payment withdraw on paypal, would my funds be back on Fiverr so that I could obtain the Payoneer card.


Once they are in Paypal you can’t send them back to fiverr.


Alright thank you, I’ll probably avoid using Paypal then unless someone else has more info.~


Wait is that still applicable in regards to when the Paypal payment is still pending?
If you cancel the pending what happens to the funds if they can’t go back on Fiverr?


You can’t cancel the pending. Fiverr payments are in pending then they are completed. Then you can leave your earnings in fiverr, or send them to Paypal.

Once they are in Paypal they are available immediately to you.

Once you withdraw funds from fiverr whether it’s to paypal or to payoneer you can’t send them back to fiverr, and why would you want to?

And why would you cancel the pending even if you could? I’m really not sure what you are asking about. You simply withdraw your funds, you don’t send them back and forth from fiverr, to you, and back to fiverr.


Certain sites deliver funds to your Paypal via different methods.
What I need to know is the method Fiverr sends funds to your paypal.

I think Ko-Fi treats sending you funds like you made a business profit (so business=you need a verified bank account for extra security I guess?)
While Ebay’s using a method to send it more like a casual profit that doesn’t need that level of verification?

So the payment will get locked on Ko-Fi, and you can’t receive funds until you link a bank account, or you can cancel it and it’ll return it to the sender.
But if I do that with Fiverr, I’m worried that if I canceled a stuck pending payment via Paypal that I’d lose my money from Fiverr IF Fiverr sends payments the way Ko-Fi does, would Fiverr receive all my funds and I end up with $0?
If you’ve never received funds from Fiverr on a Paypal account without a bank linked, you won’t be able to answer my question.

And why would you cancel the pending even if you could?

Like I said, if Fiverr uses the same method to send funds to my Paypal that Ko-Fi uses, I won’t be able to receive the money and I’ll forever be looking at something that says something that basically means. “You can’t receive this payment until you link a bank account, or you can cancel and return it to the sender.”


You cannot get funds out of Paypal without something to transfer the funds out of Paypal into so your question does not make sense. Either your funds stay in Paypal, or they get transferred out of Paypal into a bank account or a credit card.

You can never transfer funds back into fiverr without them disappearing.

So your choices are:

  1. transfer funds >>> Paypal and they stay there indefinitely
  2. transfer funds >>> Paypal and they get transferred to a bank account
    3.transfer funds >>> Paypal and they get transferred to a credit card
    4.transfer funds >>> Paypal and they send you a check

The rare times someone has tried to send them back to fiverr they disappeared forever.

If you want to spend them online from Paypal you can.

You would need to ask Paypal if you have to have a bank account attached to the Paypal account. I always have had one attached but I’m not sure if they require that.


He requested a transfer of his earning from Fiverr to PayPal.
The process was completed by Fiverr, however, the money is still pending in PayPal, they did not show in his Wallet. (This is what I understood)

He is asking now, this status will remain PENDING forever if he doesn’t connect a bank account to PayPal?

Unfortunately, I never use PayPal, I hope someone will help you out.

Contact Fiverr CS and ask them whether they return the money to you if you cancel a pending payment on PP.


He can google Paypal phone number and call them and ask them.

One time they held my funds for a week or two when I had opened a new Paypal account but I had a bank account attached. They did that two or three times and then stopped holding them. They probably hold all funds for new accounts for a few days or weeks.

I’ve read of Paypal holding funds for long periods of time sometimes.


@ ammarshrf
I haven’t actually tried to withdraw my funds to Paypal yet.

BUT I want to make sure that situation doesn’t happen. (But I’m glad you at least know what I’m worried about potentially happening.)


You should attach a bank account to a Paypal account so you don’t have to worry about all this. Paypal likes to have some kind of security about who you are.


@ misscrystal
Thanks for mentioning this:

The rare times someone has tried to send them back to fiverr they disappeared forever.

It leads me to believe some of those people maybe canceled due to the issue I’m worried about. So yeah I’ll avoid paypal I think. xD

I’ve read of Paypal holding funds for long periods of time sometimes.

The thing I’m talking about, if it is an issue with Fiverr, my funds would be on hold until I could add a bank account. (I’m just not allowed to link my bank account due to famiily members thinking Paypal is untrustworthy when it comes to bank accounts. xD -conspiracy theories they read-)


I’ve used Paypal since the company started without any problems. Just don’t try to transfer funds from one Paypal account directly to another if it’s a family member.


Yeah I have an account, and years ago my one family member made a big fuss over it, and made me remove my bank account from it. I don’t really feel like making them mad over it again.
One day when I’m able to move out I will be adding it though.


When @misscrystal told you to connect your bank account to PP, I expected the following:



@ ammarshrf
On point prediction! xD