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Does your profile picture affect your sales?

Hello everyone!
I was wondering for a long time, does the profile picture affect more than you think? and what I mean with affect can be positively or negatively.


Does it effect your sales or how many people will click on your profile or gig?!
I mean let’s be honest, there is a lot of theories (I will not mention them) in Psychology say that having a profile picture of your face your true face it’s not the same as to have a picture of nature or logo or other things.
And let’s don’t forget that there is a lot of profile pictures type (for your face).

I assume that a lot of people will say: “If your gig is good that’s all matter”.
I’m posting this topic to see all of your opinions mine isn’t clear yet for multiple reasons.

Thank you! :smile::v:

I’ve seen many level 2 and top rated sellers who don’t use a picture of themselves in their profiles. I believe there is something more than just profile photos that attract buyers to sellers.


I had a buyer say one of the reasons she chose me to work for her was because of my profile picture.


For sure there is more than a profile picture, but does a profile picture affect?
and also maybe you don’t see pictures of them right now but in the past they used to have their own picture.

I believe it is a factor but not the only one.

I doubt it because to maintain a level status you would need to continue making sales. So these sellers would still be selling using other images than their own photos as their profile pictures.

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may be or may be nor buteercup

What is a “buteercup”?

As long as it’s not something super outlandish (an edgy, offensive picture, an obviously fake or pixellated image, etc.), it’s probably fine.

Wasn’t she a Power Puff girl?

I know very little about the Power Puff girls. :slight_smile:

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Me either. I have a niece who watches it. lol.


It probably depends on your service, but I think it does. In my opinion, it adds credibility. I don’t mind if a seller uses some kind of logo or caricature, but as soon as I see a stock photo or a photo of a celebrity, I tend to move on.

How can I trust a copywriter who uses someone else’s photo? I’ll start worrying maybe they will steal someone else’s content as well.


Obviously, It is a connection between you and your buyer. It’s always good to introduce yourself towith your profile picture rather than hiding your identity.

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As long as it’s not stolen work.

Also, if the seller designs logos, and the logo he uses looks really bad, it will definitely affect sales.


yes i think so because if you have a professional look in your profile picture it helps you to stand out between sellers

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Depending on what your profile pic looks like, potential buyers can just say “Nope” and go look for other sellers, so yes, it does.

In most cases when I see a photo of an actor/actress/model/TV celebrity/comic character
which has nothing to do with the gig, that’s a pretty clear sign for me.


For branding purposes some sellers use logos of their business rather than their personal photos and it still works. Think of the outside world there are many successful businesses such as Walmart, Target, McDonalds, etc that use logos rather than the photos of the owner.

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Did you mean to repeat @momnaikram970 answer?


this is for you you knw

Yes, It does but not much. If you add your profile picture, a trust is built between buyer & seller. But It really doesn’t affect much, as there are also other TRS which don’t use their profile pictures.

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