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Does your sales fall down this month?

Hi Friends,
How are you today? How are you doing? I hope all is well with you, right?

Friendzzz Does your sell down this month for any reason? Or this is natural sales will be up and down?

Thanks for your valuable comments and thinking.


not sure if its corona or not, but my sells and inquiry literally fall down too ! :confused:


Not sure I am also :’(

in january i earning were very good but from february and till now i am having very low sales i don’t know exectly this is because of corona or something else


Hi, yes, the virus really seems to affect my sales here extremely! I started with my voice over gig here on fiverr a few months ago and quickly became a Level 2 seller and had jobs almost every day. Since beginning of March basically no one has booked my services. This long period of no jobs hasn’t occured at all here yet.




I doubt that the virus is affecting anyone. Sales go up and down all the time. There is no way to tell why it happens but it always does happen with or without that.


Yes, corona virus affect your sale. Because industries, business company they worried this virus.


Sorry i am not agree with you. I am doing job here web design category. Many clients business are going to down. If my clients are getting down that’s mean they will not come to me purchase any gig. Many clients have travel category business site. All travelers are going to cancel all prebooking. I see also many sellers are loosing orders for corona virus. Clients are directly telling that they are canceling orders or not going to place new orders only for corona.


My sale before corona was 0 and after corona is still 0
MORAL:- corona is not affect in my sales😁


Am also front-end web developer but I am not getting orders

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I Appreciate. It’s happening…

Good question. I dont think so. Sales fluctuate as a norm. Personally I think the coronavirus will a push more sellers to join Fiverr seeking extra cash just like the '08 recession. That’s how I ended up joining Fiverr. Best decision ever!


Maybe it can be the reason, after some days i made 2 sales today :confused: before i had no sales

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Businesses go down all the time. It’s nothing new. Sales go up and down constantly. Maybe in six months or a year we could be able to tell but not now.


Yes it’s true. But my main point here Fiverr sellers sales are getting down for Corona. And the post guy is asking about this post.

I don’t see how you know this. But ok. You have at least 14 reviews from the past week. Maybe that’s less than usual. I don’t think anyone can accurately say all sellers are seeing sales go down from the virus. Maybe so or maybe not but unless you ask every seller and they all know 100% that they have fewer sales, and that is the reason, it’s hard to make such a generalization.

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We have big fiverr community in Bangladesh. Everyday huge people post there. I see many sellers are posting about this. Many buyers are saying that they want cancel project for corona. Also every month usually i complete 80+ orders but now it’s 40 orders only. My sales down also.

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True not all sellers maybe. But there are some category sellers are getting low sales for corona. But Corona virus is affecting whole world business. So if this situation if not overcome next 3 months then i am sure here every sellers will get this result.

There is a huge lack of knowledge and information at this point.

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Maybe! We can’t explain here everything.