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Does your Username Make a Difference?

I am just trying to set up my first gig but my username I used to buy a couple of gigs is just a made up name. I have used it since Jan 2017. Is it better to have a username related to the business linked to your gig ie wordbiz rather than a non-related name? My original username is 2.5 years old but if I change my username it would be new.


Hi dramlouie

Although TOS change from time to time, as far as I know you can’t change a username. You need to delete your account and create a new one if you want a new username. And yes, a username clearly related to your business is the best! Most of us who started years ago were not aware of this.

hope that helped :slight_smile:


Hi @dramlouie,

As said above, usernames cannot be changed, but you could delete your account and open a new one with your desired username.

If you decide going this way, before doing so, please be sure to contact CS letting them know about it.


Just wanted to add that can delete account and open another account but the same email address cannot be used!


Does it make a difference… No.

Only your work and the reviews you get make a difference.


Kindly, I believe your username makes a difference. Most importantly when you try to search something in fiverr search bar, there you will get some results with sellers usernames. So there are the chances that buyer will click your username from there and will land on your profiles and place order from you.

Best Regards