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Doesn't appear in the Fiverr search result

Hello There
I can’t understand whats problem in my gig, I received an order after two weeks and with a 5-star review.
But doesn’t appear in the Fiverr search result.

Its completely normal,there’s new gig popping up everyday along with the old ones.

Fiverr shuffles them to give a fair chance to every seller & those who are getting the seller eye balls actually jump on the fiverr search results.

So, if you want to retain your ranking on fiverr for targeted search terms you need to get orders+reviews on a constant basis.

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But i got a order and review

one review is not enough for that

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Please can i know how many review is enough?

oK, try searching with all your gig title, if not found, then contact support. I had this problem once, the support center fixed it.

You can check my gigs now, they are all online