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Doesn't increase my impressions view


Hey there,
One of my friends Opened Fiverr about 1 month ago. his gig hasn’t received a good number of impression view. Even he has been updated after week when he saw his gig Still doesn’t get an impression. he updated several times but the results are nothing.
Now I want your valuable opinion. Should he delete gigs and reopen again? Or should update?
Sorry for my horrible english.


What a coincidence that your friend has the same name as you! Amazing! :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe there are just too many accounts and too many gigs offering minimal logo design?


He said his English was horrible, perhaps, we misunderstood him? I don’t see a reason why he and his friend can’t have the same name, the same last name, pretty similar avatar, and almost the same gigs. It is pretty normal, it’s not like he is a meksel. :upside_down_face:


I read your gig page and it confuses me. It goes from you being part of a team, to then parts where you are an individual… etc. Also, your gig sample images are either identical or edited versions of public copyrighted material.

Interesting that the 2 posts this morning that asked for help on their gigs, are using copyrighted material…


After Reopen or updating his gigs, He must be marketing his gigs in various social media as like twiter, linkdin, Facebook etc.