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Doesn't "Level 2" sound like 2nd level and


… Level 1 sounds like the #1 level… To the uninitiated, new buyer L1 vs L2 may be taken wrong, no?


Reply to @webtelly: Hah you are fully right, when I read your message and then his it has sense…


What he is saying is that the Levels go opposite to how many organizations, such as the military, list their ranks. In other words, in the Navy, you start out as 3rd Class and work your way up to 1st Class. On Fiverr, and in most of the civilian world, the rank is reversed. The higher the number, the higher the rank. Right, @marknew? Maybe you were in the military?


No He is trying to say that Level 1 should be first level when new seller registers to fiverr…

-This ides is NOT good at all! Levels are there with reason…


Reply to @webchief: I thought he was saying that #1 sounds better than #2. Like 1st rank, as @webtelly said.


Yes! That’s what I thought when I first discovered fiverr.


Trying to understand the question, but I’m having a hard time.

Are you saying that Level 2 sounds like it’s lower than Level 1?