Doesn't Seo category take new gigs?


Hi there. I created several gigs on seo Category during last week. But any of them don’t take impression and don’t listing search results or newest arrivals. I want to know Doesn’t Seo category take new gigs? Why happening this? My gigs still active but don’t listing search results or newest arrivals.


Hi there!

I just searched for ‘seo audit report’ - is that one of your new gigs? Anyway, your gig was on the second page for relevance, and on the first page for new arrivals.

Seems fine to me! :sunny:


Thanks for answering but you getting wrong. My seo audit gig isn’t in Seo Category. It is in Web Analytics / Tracking & Reporting category. I talking about Digital Marketing / Seo category


Might be easier if you gave us a particular gig to search for? :wink:


Sure, here it is:


Thank you!

I searched for ‘Backlinks On Top Sites For SEO Ranking’ and couldn’t see it. If it’s been more than a few days since you created your gig, why not drop CS a note and ask them? I’ve read of users doing just that and their gigs reappear in the search soon after.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I wrote them many times. But they tell me this is not their editorial focus. My best seller gig also disappear in search results. I wrote them 100 times but they don’t solve my problem. They are so irresponsible.
Actually I opened other topic for best seller gig just 10 minute ago. If you have information about this topic please help me: Changing Gig completely

Changing Gig completely

Right - that explains it. So your gig is visible, but doesn’t appear in searches.

Not much you can do then - might have been better if you’d said that to begin with. :wink:


But tons of other gigs listing in search results. Which these gigs all same with my gig. I provide same service I have much review from them but their gigs listing in search results but mine not.