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Doesn't showing Review

Yesterday I have completed an Order and client said he is given the review but I am not seeing that review on my profile…It’s really weird and may be it’s a bug of fiverr…I was faced this kind of problem before but didn’t get any solution…
Does anyone else have same issue like me?

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Did you get a notification that the client gave you a rating? like “[username] left a 5 star review”? If you did, the review will appear later on on your page, give it 24 hours at best and you can see it on your page.

Hmm, I took a look at your profile and the last review you received was (5) days ago.
Maybe the Buyer was blowing smoke… or a :beetle: bug.

I haven’t had any issues with reviews not appearing. In fact, reviews usually appear within a few minutes for me.

no I didn’t get that kind of notification…
just got that [username] marked your order complete

it’s a bug may be…I was faced this issue before from another client…
really disappointing :no_mouth:

You get that notification whether the buyer leaves a review or not.

Buyer send me a screenshot and he told me that he already given the review…I also checked from the screenshot


None of this makes any sense! :scream::slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you get it sorted!

Very weird. I think you should contact CS about this like asap.

Keep us updated!

disappoint for me…may be it’s a bug from fiverr!!

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I already mailed them twice…didn’t get any update from them for now…Let’s see how they give me the solution…
Sure I will let you know…


Okie Dokie! :ok_hand:t4: Just give them time to respond. Don’t create any more tickets. One is enough, response time varies up to 24-48 hrs.

ok…let’s giving them some time… :smiley:

I got the review after contacting with customer support…
Thanks all :slight_smile:

Yes it happened to many time it is said the the username marked order is completed but did not get any ratting nor feedback,
so please solve this issue we are getting our gig down by day because of this issue,