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Doess Fiverr have a policy on selling pre-made goods?

Do you need to offer a service that MUST require some work out of you for each gig? For example, does anyone sell their “how to” ebooks or anything? $5 gets you a copy of my book!

You can sell books and e-books as long as you own a proper copyright. Most buyers will not pay that much for one book, though. There are so many e-books off-Fiverr for free or less than $1.99 that the subject of your book woukd have to be highly unique and compelling to get more. Also, many sellers will sell anywhere from 10-1000 PLR e-books for $5 so that tightens the market.

i am not sure that goods sell as well as services on here.

The only limit that Fiverr has is selling Regulated Goods. Anything other than that is sell-able as long as you own the copyright or have a Trademark license to sell it.

Refer to ToS -
and Intellectual Property Claims -

But with the pricing scheme applied here on Fiverr, with the 20% cut on any sale, it will be difficult to make any profit out of pre-made (physical goods) unless you own it yourself and it’s really cheap to manufacture.

Ebooks can be an exception because there’s no manufacturing cost and there’s no further investment once they’re fully written and designed. But as mentioned above, there’s already an established market for ebooks inside & outside Fiverr. Selling 1 unit for $5 could be judged very expensive compared to the offer.

I was actually thinking of making some voice over “packs”. Generic greetings, common expressions, exclamations, questions, etc.

Probably some specific ones for mobile games too. Might be interesting to see how they sell. I could potentially include a lot more voice over into each pack since it would be a one time process for me. That way, the buyer can actually get a better deal by buying the voice pack instead of hiring me to record it fresh for them.

I’ll set this gig up and let you all know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Also, if you have any suggestions for what to include, I’m all ears!

I don’t get a lot of repeat words, but my thinking is that there are probably people who would like to add some VO to their video or game, but don’t really know what yet. It might be easier to buy a pack and mess around with what’s included to see what works and what doesn’t.

Reply to @adamedoe: I also think with physical goods, not too many buyers want to give out their personal address to an anonymous seller who they do not know their real name. Plus since it is an international website shipping would be an issues too and it would be hard to offer anything for just $5.00.

Reply to @talethia: That is kind of interesting. I guess you would have to figure out what the demand is for it and add those sayings in there. Good luck.

Reply to @talethia: Do you find that you get a lot of orders of buyers asking for the same sayings over and over? If so then that could be a really good idea.