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Doing an e-book cover

Hello everyone. I have just joined on the advice of a friend who used their services to design her book cover. I have seen it & was very impressed by the work of I would like to get a cover designed for my 1st novel & it will only be in e-book format; at the moment I have yet to set up my own website but I will do this asap via What I wanted to ask is it possible to get the e-book design done before setting up my website & also purchasing ISBN or should I do those 2 tasks first before requesting to do a e-book cover design? Thank you.

There’s no problem with getting an e-book cover done before either of those tasks.

Covers for e-books are only the front. You’d only need the ISBN number if you’re also getting a back cover done, as for print.

Thank you very much for the advice catsquirrel that was very helpful & useful.