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Doing Homeworks and Assignments


I want an honest answer.
My question is, is it ok to do homework like programming assignments, Lab reports, or essay writing etc.? Doesn’t it count in plagiarism? is it morally right to do so?


No, and your English isn’t good enough anyway. Next!


I don’t believe you should offer to do assignments or write papers for students. It’s against most school honor systems/honor codes. The purpose of an assignment as a student is to practice skills and showcase their knowledge to assess whether they are actually learning the material. I know there are a lot of gigs offering such services, but to me it’s dishonest.


It’s up to you. Some sellers on here won’t do homework, with some it’s all they sell.


It is only for you to decide whether or not it is right or wrong.

I agree that your writing is not good enough, since you wanted an honest answer. For instance, homework is all one word, and it is not hyphenated, and is never plural. A teacher would be horrified.


@msd20151 I second that.


thanks for correction.


I do not want to be a grammar nazi here, but you should consider using Grammarly. It is a free Chrome extension with a premium upgrade option. As you are just starting out on this platform, the free version should suffice.
Good Luck!


So, one should not provide homework and assignment services.


Not if you can’t write well.



If you can mutually and voluntarily come to a meeting-of-the-minds, by all means take the gig.

After all, in the age of the Internet, so many “things” in homework are a search click away.