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Doing impossible for 1gig?



i’m currently a level 2 seller and doing well, i’m having a little question, since my section is programming and because i do any kind of programming work most of the time tasks can’t be done for 1gig such time I communicate with the buyer and i say my price to him and 80% of them understands it, i have done this for 6 months now, i never got any problem

but suddenly one buyer bought a gig and he requested me to copy an entire website for 1gig, anyone can understand that it can’t be done even in the gig of mine says that I do not do that, but this buyer forced me and when i request to cancel the order he declined it several times, then i complaint to the fiverr and they canceled it but now unfortunately i’m not appearing in fiverr search, I guess he have complaint about me for some reason

what is your advice for me!! am i doing things wrong??




In your gig description…

Do you have a statement asking first time buyers to contact you before ordering?

Do you have a statement asking any buyer to contact you with questions before ordering?

When someone places an order that is out of bounds or doesn’t meet your description, you can write back and say.

“Your project looks interesting, however I do not have a gig for that. Please type (keyword) into the search box and I’m sure you’ll find a seller offering that service. In the meantime, I will submit a request for mutual cancellation. Thank you.”



i am sure there is least information in you gig description


People seem to ignore that you asked for cancellation and he refused it several times. I don’t know why buyers do that.


80% of my orders are from buyers who don’t respect/read my request to contact me before placing their orders.

So as a seller you will pay the price for such things beyond your control.